symposium 7 - Crack Paths 2024

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Fatigue crack paths of non-ferrous materials
Marta Kurek, Opole University of Technology, Poland
Joanna Małecka, Opole University of Technology, Poland
Tadeusz Łagoda, Opole University of Technology, Poland
Keywords: crack paths, non-ferrous materials, fatigue life, experimental and numerical methods
The strength of iron-based materials, i.e., steel and cast iron, is widely known. This strength applies to statics, impact to impact, impact, and impacts. Currently, the structures that are increasingly used are non-ferrous materials. These are common non-ferrous metals and their alloys and composite materials. The proposed mini-symposium concerns research and analysis of developed fracture methods of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. The work will be carried out based on traces of aluminum, copper (bronze and iron), and titanium alloys. These materials can be used differently than ferrous materials. In this case, durability models resulting from the use of cracking should be appropriately taken into account to describe the cracking process. The structure and topography of the crack surfaces are also interesting. On this basis, the cracking process itself can be reconstructed.

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